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"If that's the case," he said to the shopkeepers, "I think I hadbetter give up the chase. I am much obliged to you, however, foryour information."But, once out again,"Do you really believe," inquired Maxence, "that my father hasleft France?" Tregars shook his head.

"I will give you my opinion," he uttered, "after I have investigatedmatters in the Rue du Cirque."They drove there in a few minutes; and, the cab having stopped atthe entrance of the street, they walked on foot in front of No. 49.

It was a small cottage, only one story in height, built between asanded court-yard and a garden, whose tall trees showed above theroof. At the windows could be seen curtains of light-colored silk,- a sure indication of the presence of a young and pretty woman.

For a few minutes Marius de Tregars remained in observation; but,as nothing stirred,"We must find out something, somehow," he exclaimed impatiently.

And noticing a large grocery store bearing No. 62, he directed hissteps towards it, still accompanied by Maxence.

It was the hour of the day when customers are rare. Standing inthe centre of the shop, the grocer, a big fat man with an air ofimportance, was overseeing his men, who were busy putting thingsin order.

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M. de Tregars took him aside, and with an accent of mystery,"I am," he said, "a clerk with M. Drayton, the jeweler in the Ruede la Paix; and I come to ask you one of those little favors whichtradespeople owe to each other."A frown appeared on the fat man's countenance. He thought, perhaps,that M. Drayton's clerks were rather too stylish-looking; or else,perhaps, be felt apprehensive of one of those numerous petty swindlesof which shopkeepers are constantly the victims.

"What is it?" said he. "Speak!""I am on my way," spoke M. de Tregars, "to deliver a ring which alady purchased of us yesterday. She is not a regular customer, andhas given us no references. If she doesn't pay, shall I leave thering? My employer told me, 'Consult some prominent tradesman of theneighborhood, and follow his advice.'"Prominent tradesman! Delicately tickled vanity was dancing in thegrocer's eyes.

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"What is the name of the lady?" he inquired.

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"Mme. Zelie Cadelle."The grocer burst out laughing.

"In that case, my boy," he said, tapping familiarly the shoulderof the so-called clerk, "whether she pays or not, you can deliverthe article."The familiarity was not, perhaps, very much to the taste of theMarquis de Tregars. No matter.

"She is rich, then, that lady?" he said.