Do you buy Welfare online?

Do you buy Welfare online?

“What do you mean, you got something out of it?”

Ike stood up and asked Horikita. Attracting the attention of the other classmates, Horikita sunk back into silence. Hirata Yousuke, after watching the situation unfold, stood up and answered for her.

“The deductions we got during April and May… in other words, along with whispering and being late to class, there were no other deductions, is what I believe Horikita-san was saying.”

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The quick-witted Hirata answered without any problems. That’s impressive. Right on the mark, too.

“Ah, is that so. If there were a lot of deductions, our 100 points would’ve been 0.”

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After having understood the easy explanation, Ike raised his arms in celebration.

“Huh? Then why didn’t we get any points?”

Returning back to the original question, Ike looked at Chiyabashira-sensei.

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If we didn’t get 8700 points, it would be strange.

“This time, there’s a bit of trouble. The points for the first-years were delayed. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for a bit longer.”

“Eh~, seriously? Because the school is having trouble, shouldn’t we get some kind of freebie?”

All the students grumbled in discontent. As soon as they understood that they got points, their attitudes completely changed. Having 87 points and no points is a world of difference.

“Don’t blame it on that. The school decided it, not me. Once the trouble is resolved, you’ll get your points. If there are any points left, that is.”

Chiyabashira-sensei’s words hung in the air.

Once it was lunchtime, everyone went off on their own to get food.