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Many possibilities flashed through Bao Xu’s head before Chen Kangtuo replied.

Was he fired? Impossible, Boss Pei had never fired any employee.

Did he resign? That was even more unlikely. How could they find a better company than Tengda? He couldn’t possibly be kidnapped by aliens, right?

Now that all these possibilities had been denied, there would only be one possibility left…

Chen Kangtuo replied, “Brother Bao, you might not believe what I’m about to tell you.

“I… have been assigned to a new project. Boss Pei said that he wants to invest in a haunted house project and put me in charge. “Everything happened too fast, I left in a hurry as well. The farewell dinner can only be held at another time. Please let everyone know there’s nothing to worry about. I had only switched departments…”

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Bao Xu, “Huh? Haunted house? You have been sent there to be in charge?”

Chen Kangtuo, “Brother Bao, I’m also very confused. I was still working overtime to change the GOG design plan during weekends. Now, I’m inspecting the site of the haunted house…”

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He then sent images to Bao Xu.

Bao Xu looked at the photos Chen Kangtuo sent over. It showed a rather remote and old industrial area, sparsely populated and overgrown with weeds. There was an inexplicable sense of depression and sadness.

It was not difficult to imagine Chen Kangtuo’s current feelings.

Bao Xu was silent for a short while before he typed his reply. “Why did Boss Pei choose?you?”

Chen Kangtuo, “How would I know…? Boss Pei only told me that he has high hopes for my potential and hope that I can show my talent on a larger stage…”

Bao Xu fell into deep thoughts. Sure enough, it was yet another ‘Boss-Pei-styled promotion’. The entire promotion process seemed to be quite random no matter whether it was for Huang Sibo, Lu Mingliang, or Li Yada previously.

He promoted not the most senior nor the strongest or the best in the project team. Most of these people were a little unknown before the promotion. However, all of them quickly adapted to the new position after being promoted and exploded with amazing potential!

Obviously, Boss Pei had a unique vision. He could see the hidden infinite possibilities and talent in the employees.

It was the same for his promotion of Chen Kangtuo this time.

Bao Xu often looked through the design documents as a member of the design team. He often discussed with Li Yada about the design team. He knew that Chen Kangtuo might be quiet on the surface, but he had a strong desire to improve.