How to make money on Xiaobai Online

How to make money on Xiaobai Online

However, Jiang Yuan knew himself very well. He felt that he did not have Chang You’s eloquence.

The news conference was the most important part before the cell phone was released. If the cell phone itself was done well but Jiang Yuan himself did not explain the standard, it would affect the cell phone’s popularity and sales volume. Wouldn’t that be a burden?

Thus, Jiang Yuan wanted Chang You to go up and give the lecture.

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Chang You shook his head. “You’re the person-in-charge of Otto Technologies now. Of course, you’re the one to get up to present!”

“Actually,the powerpoint was done completely under Boss Pei’s guidance when I held the E1 cell phone conference previously. It was all thanks to Boss Pei that the live effect was so good.”

“Therefore, you don’t have to belittle yourself. You haven’t even done it yet. Why are you assuming that you can’t do it?”

“If you’re really not confident, ask Boss Pei. He will definitely give you a perfect plan.”

Jiang Yuan still felt a little lightheaded after hearing Chang You’s words, but his confidence had increased greatly.

“Alright, Boss Chang. I’ll find some time at the end of this month to ask Boss Pei about the cell phone’s news conference.”

April 6th, Friday...

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“Phew, it’s finally done!”

Qiao Liang took off his earphones and looked at the edited and embellished video file. He heaved a sigh of relief.

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The new episode of Trash Games Diss has already been completed. This episode was mainly about the “humiliation of the domestic game” and “Mission and Choice”. The content of the video was nothing more than to re-introduce the trivial matter of Mission and Choice.

To be honest, Qiao Liang was not 100%!s(MISSING)atisfied with this episode.