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A huge, majestic gate of Bacchus-san’s size.

Moreover, the Hundred Million-Year Sakura is in full bloom right in front of us.

You couldn’t hope for a better view than this.

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This house is sure to be the pride of Bacchus-san.

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「Fuu, I’m glad everyone likes it. This is the house my family has been living in for generations. It’s said that this house has been standing for slightly over a thousand years since construction.」

「「「「「T-Thousand years!? 」」」」」

Hearing Rose’s explanation, everyone gasped.

「Aa, yes. But, it feels so nostalgic. It’s been five years since I left this house.」

She gently patted the pillar of the house with a hint of nostalgia in her eyes.

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「Grandfather, I’m back.」

Rose opened the front door, and called out.

「Oh, I’ve been waiting for you. Come to the living room!」

Bacchus-san’s loud voice replied from the back of the house.

Then we walked down the long corridor following Rose, and she opened the horizontal door at the end.

A spacious living room of more than 20 tatami mats spread out.

「Barararara, you’ve come! You’re the first friends Rose has brought home. I have to welcome you all grandly!」

Sitting in a king-sized chair at the back of the room, Bacchus-san cheerfully gulped down a sake bottle.

(By welcome, “this” is what he means, isn’t it?)