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I think that’s definitely not because he’s weak. He must be considerate to me from the bottom of his heart. Sincere and honest. His feelings must be…way tenser than I could’ve ever imagined.

“Hmm? Tendou-san?”

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Amano-kun glanced at me worriedly. Right now, I understand. Everything he did or said to me…has always been the truth. He never lied to me. He’s always willing to face me directly. However, the reason that our relationship is so tangled up…is because a weakling like me never trusted him.


I stepped closer towards Amano-kun. Our bodies can almost touch each other. The distance that…we’ve never experienced before.

“Eh, hey…”

Amano-kun is confused. I’m just looking at his face dizzily.

Finally, …I…said something to him, …no, I said something to someone…

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“Sorry, Amano-kun. …Even so, this is the only thing that I don’t want to give away.”

When I apologized.

“Eh, what are you-“

“Let us- take our love further.”

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I moved towards Amano-kun’s confused face.

He’s shocked. Then, I put my lips against his.

Chiaki Hoshinomori

In front of my eyes, -I can see Tendou-san and Keita kissing each other.


I’m just…staring at the scene dazedly from afar.