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“That can’t be, right? Boss Chang is indispensable to this news conference! It wouldn’t be the same if it were someone else!”

“That’s right, Boss Chang’s annual news conference is my source of joy. Don’t replace him!”

Pei Qian could not help but laugh to himself as he listened to their discussion.

Still thinking about Boss Chang?

Your Boss Chang is gone!

Pei Qian could not help but feel proud of his wise decision. It was a good thing that he had arranged for Chang You to be eliminated through the first-place-elimination system. Otherwise, wouldn’t there be a huge problem if there was a huge popularity every time the new cell phone was released, before he could even speak on stage?

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Obviously, Chang You had played a huge part in setting such an awkward timing for the news conference.

Many people were not here for the product of the news conference but to listen to Chang You’s jokes.

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Most people had the same thoughts as these two brothers. Even though they had heard that Chang You was no longer in charge of the cell phone department, they were still looking forward to Chang You’s news conference.

They felt that since Chang You was still at Otto Technologies and had not left, he had probably been promoted. He was originally only in charge of the cell phone business, but now he was handing the cell phone business to his subordinates to manage. He was now in charge of higher-level work.

Since that was the case, Chang You had to attend such an important news conference personally, right?

After all, many people had already linked Otto Technologies to Chang You. Without Chang You, the effect of the news conference would be greatly reduced.

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One could imagine how disappointed the audience would be when Jiang Yuan were to go on stage today. They would all shout that they had been scammed and that the news conference would be stable.

Soon, it was time.

There was no warm-up video this time. It was just that the female voice that gave an introduction previously became AEEIS’s voice, reminding everyone that there was only an hour for the news conference. Please mute your cell phones, try not to leave their seats, collect the small gifts after the news conference, and so on.

At the same time, it was also announced that this news conference would be broadcasted live on multiple live-stream platforms. There was also a dedicated live-stream on Bunny Tail live-stream.

AEEIS’s voice was still a small surprise even though the warm-up video was gone.

At five o’clock, the lights were switched off. The audience immediately applauded and cheered.