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“I should’ve put Amano and Hoshinomori in the same group if I knew she’ll be here…”

However, I can’t help it. After all, we didn’t count in the Hoshinomori sisters at all. In our plan, only the four of us would show up. Also, we need to make our partner feel, “Wow, perhaps it’s a fate that we’re grouped like this!” Sigh, this facility only allows 6 people at a time. Tendou and I had already memorized all the color codes, perhaps this is the silver lining.

“However, no matters how many times we thought of it, this rule is way too broken…”

In reality, Masaya seems to have abused this mechanic in the past silently. He successfully got put into the same group…with his current girlfriend, Mika. What a despicable ride, only the well-connected ones could benefit from it.

“Even so, it’s better than arranging us randomly and making everyone unhappy…”

Let’s use our situation as an example. Including the Hoshinomori sisters, if we’re arranged entirely randomly, it could be that I’ll pair up with Amano, Aguri with Konoha. The pairs that nobody asked for.

If that’s the case, it should be allowed to cast some tricks and group the couples together.

Just as I’m thinking about this, the staff girl opened the door and returned. She seems to be wearing a headset for announcements on her right ear.

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“Well, sorry to make everyone wait. Then, the 6 visitors, please go in!”

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“Thank you.”

After I answered, I followed the girl at the front.

We saw a circular hall after we went through the door. There are 6 doors on the walls. At the center of the room, there are headphones with 6 colors on the table.

The door closed after we all entered the room. The lights went out. Under the darkness with an eerie glow, the staff girl started explaining.

“Alright, these 6 people are the final survivors of humanity!”