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Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Meng Chang thought about it and felt that there was no need to scare himself. He would naturally know the details after the interview.

Thus, he calmed down, turned on his computer, and continued playing DEMO for Mission and Choice.

The entire advertising and marketing department became quiet. Everyone was working seriously, leaving only the sound of typing on the keyboard and clicking on the mouse.

This continued for more than two hours until four in the afternoon.

Yu Yao received a message and said in surprise, “Eh? So efficient? The interview is out!”

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The timing was a little unexpected.

Obviously, Xia Jiang had submitted the interview after the interview yesterday. It was published on the official platform in just one day.

“So fast? Send me the link!”

Meng Chang was shocked as well. He quickly opened the website address sent by Yu Yao.

The interview was not long. There were only a few hundred words. There were not many comments below as it had just been released. It looked slightly deserted.

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Meng Chang scanned the contents of the article and his expression quickly changed from calm to puzzled and shocked.

“...Why would Meng Chang realize the error of his ways and turn back if it wasn’t for Boss Pei?”

“Obviously, Tengda’s working environment infected him. It was Boss Pei’s style that affected him...”

Meng Chang’s eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly. He fell into a daze.

What the hell was this!

Since when have I been influenced by Tengda’s working environment? Since when have I followed Boss Pei’s lead?