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And I closed the distance with Zerey in one step.

「Tch… Curse Method – Water Oppression!」

When he snapped his fingers loudly, a large amount of black water sprang out from empty space. But the moment it came into contact with my body, it turned into black particles and disappeared.

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「No way, even Water Oppression…!?」

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The moment he flinched back a step, I drove in eight slashes.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「Guh, don’t look down on me…」

Despite being a second late in reacting, Zerey perfectly defended the eight slashes.

(…Incredible reaction speed and sword speed.)

As eight sparks danced in the air, I pushed further and unleashed a diagonal slash.

To match it, Zerey also launched a slash with the exact same trajectory. Sword and sword collide violently. A metallic sound rang out.

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A it became a locked sword state,

「Even if curse method doesn’t work… a frail human can never stand up to me!」

Zerey overpowered me.


As I was blown away greatly, I spun around in mid-air to kill the momentum and performed ukemi.