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Zhao Xuming was confused at first. Shouldn’t Boss Pei be our ally now? Why did this happen again?

However, on further thought, Boss Pei and Eric’s cooperation was only limited to the ICL league. In the other competitions in the world, the two were still mortal enemies and competitors!

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Boss Pei did not seem to want to attack the ICL league and affect his own interests. Instead, he turned his spearhead to the Northern American Region and took drastic measures to hit Finger Games’ doorstep!

Zhao Xuming shuddered.

Boss Pei gave people the feeling that he was suffering from schizophrenia. He would take out a dagger from his chest and stab you without a word while laughing and cooperating with you!

Zhao Xuming suddenly became suspicious. He did not know if this cooperation with Boss Pei was right or wrong...

At 4 PM, the ICL exhibition match was about to begin.

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The members of the two clubs had already arrived at the competition venue in advance. The staff also began to make various preparations to ensure that the competition would proceed smoothly.

Zhao Xuming watched the audience enter from the backstage.

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The venue would definitely be filled to the brim today. After all, it was the first day. It would be ugly if there were empty seats. Fortunately, IOI’s old gamers, internal employees, and additional tickets had already taken up most of the seats at the venue. It would not be a problem to hire some people to fill the remaining empty seats.

At that moment, Zhao Xuming noticed that Eric had returned.

“You’re back! How are things going?” Zhao Xuming quickly went up to him and asked.

Eric looked very tired. Obviously, he was very tired. “Basically, the solution has been confirmed. The ICS quota has been changed to start bidding from three million US dollars. The clubs in the Northern American Region will enjoy the same preferential treatment as ICL, mainly in food, fitness, and other aspects.”

Obviously, the result of a meeting with Finger Games was to admit defeat!

It was already late at night in Los Angeles. The video call had been going on for half the night. It was obvious how important this matter was to the upper echelons of Finger Games.