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And with those two characters, she denied it.

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"Leaving aside what's happened up until now, unless I get payback for what happened on that rooftop I won't be satisfied".

No matter what I say, it doesn't seem like she's going to be listening. Now that Ibuki has recovered, she's thinking of pursuing a chance at victory. It would be a simple task for me to just run away here but once the 3rd semester begins and she pushes the matter the same way as now it would be far more troublesome. Naturally, Ibuki also catches onto that.

"Once the semester starts and I carelessly interact with you, that would just mean more trouble for you, wouldn't it?".

Even if she doesn't directly spread it around, simply by sticking with someone from a different class, our surroundings would get suspicious of us. Is that really fine with you? It's a somewhat forceful threat that's saying something like that.

If I had to say, that too is something akin to 'spreading it around' but Ibuki seems like she wishes to deny that is the case.

"If you want me to withdraw, you have no other choice but to fight me again".

Even if she says that one word, 'fight', it can have several meanings.

"You're not saying you want to fight through Go and Shogi, are you?".

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"I don't know the rules for either one of those".

That is truly unfortunate. I was confident in my skills for the both of those.

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"The way to settle the fight is already obvious, isn't it?".