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Is it difficult to make money on the computer?

“I feel like…I turned into a character controlled by this person…”

“I feel the same. The only words we’re allowed to say is yes or no. Also, instead of saying that we chose it, it’s more like she almost forced us to choose that…”

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Also, while she’s clearly a rude person, what she said makes perfect sense. The conclusion is terrifyingly accurate. So, the best option for us is to answer “yes” robotically. Our brains and actions aren’t needed in all of this. In other words, it’s “relaxing” in a way. We don’t need to do anything. This “mom” can reach the “perfectly correct answer” on her own. However…

(…I feel like she’s making people useless in a way…)

I started remembering all of the people I’ve seen so far. Perhaps the one that’s the closest to the concept of a violent “demon king” is this “mom.”

First of all, of course, her most attractive attribute is that silver hair that reminds people of platinum. For a moment, I associated that with Tendou’s blonde hair. However, I can see that she dyed it from the tinge of blackness on the tip of her hair. However, her looks are pretty tidy, and she even dyed her eyebrows too. So, it doesn’t show that “trying her hardest to pretend even though she’s a Japanese” feeling. At least, this is the first time that I’ve seen a Japanese dying her hair with such a forefront color and still doesn’t feel off. Her body is so slim and tall that it reminds people of those top overseas models. I think it just made that silver hair all that more convincing.

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However, …the most intriguing thing for me is her uniform.

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…Uh, she’s not wearing anything unusual. Well, it really suits her in a way. It’s cool and attractive. Uh, it’s just that…

(…W-Why is she wearing a flight attendant’s suit on the streets…?)

Also, the clothes are unprecedently dirty and messed up. She almost looks like a high school delinquent girl from the Showa period. However, the clothes made her look even more handsome for some reason. It’s even cooler than ordinary flight attendants. She’s as charming as the male character in Takarazuka Revue. [Note: It’s a famous all-female musical theatre troupe. One of them wears a male suit, though.]

So, for a moment, I almost thought that was a cosplay. However, the texture of the uniform doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s more like, even I, who took a flight on the family trip, will think, “Ah, that’s the real thing.” I’m afraid it’s a real uniform. Hmm…

(It feels super weird when you see a uniform like this on the streets. I should say, even though it’s real, people will wonder, is it alright to wear that in public? That usually wouldn’t work, right? You aren’t supposed to wear that in your private lives, right? Come to think of it, can a flight attendant even dye her hair platinum? Sigh, she has too many features.)

Every single boy in the scene is surrounded by questions. However, …just like that, we can literally say nothing. The questions are still floating around us.

…Also, more importantly-

There’s another thing that people will be curious about her. …I’m afraid that I’m the only one to mind.

The reason for that is…

(I feel like…she looks really familiar to someone I know. …It’s hard to tell.)