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However, Chang You did not elaborate on any of that. Instead, he spoke briefly. That was because Boss Pei had emphasized to him to control the duration of the news conference.

Thus, Chang You decided to cut to the chase. He hit a button on his remote control, causing one big word to appear on the screen:


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Once the word appeared, everyone immediately quieted down. Many netizens typed strings of question marks.

“Wait, hasn’t this news conference just started? Did I miss something?”

“Did I miss out on the first two hours?”

“Did they mess up the slideshow?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

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Ordinarily, the cell phone’s pricing would be left to the last! Other cell phone manufacturers would have elaborated on the cell phone’s functions and merits from the beginning, in ascending order of importance. Once the audience’s expectations for the cell phone reached their peak and the host hinted to everyone that the cell phone was high-tech and good-quality, he would ask everyone to guess its price.

Finally, he would reveal that the cell phone was priced slightly lower than everyone had guessed. At once, they would all clap and think highly of the cell phone.

Of course, some manufacturers would mess this up. They would reveal the price, only for the audience to curse and grimace. The atmosphere would then turn awkward.

Regardless, the order would still be the same!

The audience had not even seen the cell phone, and yet its price was staring them in the face. What was going on? Wasn’t that taking away the fun of guessing the cell phone’s price?

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Chang You was already prepared for this. Without another word, he hit his remote control again, and a huge number appeared on the screen.

8,199! Everyone remained silent. Again, the comments section of the livestream window was filled with question marks.

“Is Vice President Chang high on alcohol?”

“A multi-thousand-yuan cell phone... just what I wanted!”

“Even Shenhua and Pineapple don’t sell their flagship models at such a high price. Who gave you the courage?!”

The live audience was not as direct as netizens on the livestream, but their confused expressions were telling of their thoughts.