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Moreover, the refreshing feeling you got from finish writing, I guess it’s like the warmth you get after a long bath.

The pleasure you got when a reader gave you positive feedback, perhaps it’s similar to being thanked when you healed or revived another player in an online game.

…Then, this is what I get from being addicted to those pleasures. The birth of an otaku writer that managed to churn all of this out with hard work, even though I’m not good at long afterwords.

…However, although I’m not Chiaki Hoshinomori, it can’t be helped if I’m addicted to it. In the future, I do hope to work harder for the main story and the afterword.


The ending feels good, but how hopeless, this is just 1/3 of the required amount.

It can’t be helped. I need to think of more topics, let’s talk about the story (you should do that at the start)!

The subtitle of Volume 5 is extremely shocking. I don’t know what people will think after reading it.

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Basically, I want the readers to think that “oh, that’s why the subtitle” when I designed the plot.

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However, even the author didn’t expect the Earth to be blown up in the last chapter. I bet the readers who finished it already must be shocked. More importantly, people who read the afterword first should be even more surprised.

Let’s put the jokes aside first. Although the title looks like it’s going to be the last volume (and the bad ending type), of course, the story will continue. Even though it’s been like this every time, I’m just trying to match the subtitle with the content, hope you don’t mind.

As usual, this chapter ended with an atomic bomb (The Earth didn’t explode). It would be my honor if everyone can await the next volume excitedly. This is still a romantic comedy filled with misunderstandings, no matter what.

Hey, come to think of it, Uehara, who survived by hiding into a space shuttle alone, what will happen to him? The author is also looking forward to < Gamers! 6 – Tasuku Uehara and Space Reset >! I can’t wait to see what’s the story! I really hope that Amano and his friends can be revived!


Yep, these made-up content could’ve been even more in the beginning, I should just add a couple of paragraphs in…