Online story make money story

Online story make money story

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“Boss Pei, you feel happy watching me die, right?”

“I understand now. This was a trap from the beginning. You want me to work for you for nothing!”

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“I just wanted to cheat investors of some money at the beginning. There are many entrepreneurs who cheat money. Why are you torturing me alone...”

Meng Chang stopped pretending. He was going all out.

Pei Qian realized that something was amiss.

Don’t give up!

He quickly cleared his throat. “You’re mistaken. I have no intention of scamming you. I’m genuinely doing this for your own good. I want you to pay your debts as soon as possible!”

Meng Chang chuckled. “Boss Pei, do you believe in the words you said? If you hadn’t been causing trouble, I would have gotten a high commission!”

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Pei Qian: “?”

How could you push the blame to me?

Haven’t I been helping you?

It was a dog-eat-dog situation!