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The reason why he did not go on the day he found out about the ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ was because he wanted to deal with it coldly so that he would not leave the impression that ‘Boss Pei was in a hurry’.

Pei Qian knew very well that his attitude would severely affect Tengda Games’ willpower and working state.

If Pei Qian had gone to watch Mission and Choice on the same day that the news of Fantasy Battle was released, Hu Xianbin and the others would definitely have felt that Boss Pei had high hopes for the game and was worried about them. Furthermore, they would have felt a strong sense of danger and would have worked 120%!h(MISSING)arder to finish the project.

However, Pei Qian had purposely waited three days before going, showing that he did not care. Naturally, Hu Xianbin and the others would not feel that threatened.

Thus, Pei Qian’s main goal this time was to appease Hu Xianbin and the others. He wanted them to underestimate the enemy in the Fantasy Battle. That would set the stage for Mission and Choice to fail!

Pei Qian strolled to Tengda Games and saw that everyone was focused on their work.

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The chief designer of the project, Hu Xianbin, frowned. He was shrouded in an anxious atmosphere.

At that moment, he saw Boss Pei walk in from the main door. His dim eyes suddenly lit up.

This feeling was like a withered seedling meeting sweet rain, or a terminally ill patient meeting a divine doctor!

He immediately stood up. “Boss Pei!”

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His voice was filled with indescribable joy.

Now that Boss Pei was here, the sky was clear. Now that Boss Pei was here, Mission and Choice would be saved!

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Hu Xianbin had heard about this news the moment the promotional video of Fantasy Battle was released.

After watching the video and the netizens’ comments, Hu Xianbin almost felt depressed. He nearly vomited blood.

How could he be so unlucky!

Hu Xianbin was already considered a “long-lasting” chief planner of Tengda Corporation, considering their relative ‘longevity’. He had taken over as the acting chief planner for GOG’s mobile game when Li Yada was forced to travel. After that, he was responsible for the development of ‘Struggle’ and ‘Mission and Choice’.

In the eyes of the outside world, he should have the title of ‘gold medal producer’.

However, Hu Xianbin knew himself very well.

GOG’s mobile game was a transplant client-side game. The main reason why it could be done well was because the client-side game had made a good start. Struggle’s success was entirely attributed to Boss Pei. He was only an executor. Saying that he was the chief designer was no different from executing the planner. As for Mission and Choice, it was only settled with the help of Boss Pei, Huang Sibo, Lu Mingliang, Li Yada, Bao Xu, and the other chief designers and core members.