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“Yea! Do it, do it!”

Right now, the contender for the biggest breasts on the sheet is Hasebe. Her odds are 1 for 8. (T/N 1 for 8 or 1 to 8? don’t know)

It’s a name I haven’t heard before. I haven’t memorized the names of my classmates. This is pretty bad.

“This is more detailed than I thought it would be… aren’t you guys observing too much?”

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“That’s because we’re male. We’ve only got ass and tits constantly in our minds!”

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Even if that’s true, they have no restraint at all.

Near the bottom of the odds, there was Horikita’s name. It was about 30th.

Well, in terms of breast size, it’s obvious who wins and who loses. She has a pretty low chance of winning.

“So, what are you going to do? It’s 1,000 points to join.”

“I see…”

Without knowing anyone’s names and faces, let alone their breast sizes, it’s hard to join.

The only people I hear about, after all, are Horikita and Kushida.

Kushida certainly has big breasts, but it’s hard to say that she’d take first place with only that much information.

“It’s fine, we’re only playing. There’s a lot of people to pick from too.”