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My forehead is covered in sweat. …I feel it. I can clearly feel that a high school boy is staring at me with incredibly evil eyes from behind. Even though, at the same time, I know that it’s just my paranoia getting the better of me. But even if that’s true, what’s wrong with this guy? Although he’s usually an innocent and dense teenager, why does he get smart at the wrong place and time?

When the game is playing the climax BGM since the < Money-losing Thing > is desperate, I…I made up my whole mind. Then, I grabbed the bra and turned to him.

“It can’t be helped once you found out. Yes, …this is from the beautiful university girl next door. It’s Ao’s bra!”


Keita’s freaking out this time. He’s blushing slightly and even stopped playing as he looked at me.

“You’re saying…that out-of-this-world, elegant, and beautiful lady that I’ve never talked to despite meeting her for a few times. The Ao-san that’s a friend of you?”

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“Yes, and this is her bra. Come, you can take a close look at it, Keita.”

“I-I’m not looking!”

Keita immediately acted like a child and looked away. Very well. …This way, I can avoid him from observing the bra for too long. …Also, I can prevent him from realizing that this thing can never fit Ao’s plumpy chest.

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After I hastily shoved the bra inside the wardrobe, Keita asked me nervously while blushing.

“B-But if that showed up here, …it means that…she and you…”

“Hey, hey, hey, …you shouldn’t ask anything further. Don’t force it out of my mouth, man.”

I scratched my cheeks and gave him an embarrassing smile. So, Keita answered. “I-I see…” He’s entirely convinced.

“…I can’t believe you can just casually talk about that. …Uni students are really mature…”