How does ordinary people make money on the Internet?

How does ordinary people make money on the Internet?

“Summarizing it in a sentence, you’re overthinking it, Tendou, whether it’s games…or love.”

“What does it have to do with love?”

Senpai stared at the screen and continued.

“Tendou, you’re always planning and strategizing your moves, right? Even though this is one of your strong parts, it’s easy to see it through.”

“What should I do then?”

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“Be unpredictable sometimes.”

“For example?”

“…For example, scream in a weird voice.”

“Isn’t that too unpredictable!?”

Nina-senpai answered quickly to my complaint.

“You got to have the courage to pull that off for love too.”

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“Don’t involve love every time, okay?”

“It feels deeper…”

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“It’s not.”

While I don’t like how she put it, Nina-senpai’s conclusion is reasonable.