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“I think what Sudou said earlier about boiling isn’t bad. If you’re scared of drinking it directly, why don’t you try drinking it boiled first?”

A few students agreed with this. With a different timing, a once refused matter was accepted smoothly. Shinohara also raised her hand, albeit angrily.

“I don’t know if we can drink it, but… Let’s try.”

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“I also agree. If the first person can drink it, then it’s okay for sure.” With other students easily agreeing, Kushida raised her hand following Shinohara. Was the influence of collective psychology on work? Everybody raising their hands except for Horikita and me was an unexpected development. Since the focus came to us, we who didn’t bother raising hands before lightly raised ours as well. However, it was difficult for everyone to suddenly drink the water. Therefore, we decided to purchase the water not only to secure it, but with the proposal of effectively using pet bottles.

“I have a request for you, Ike-kun. I want you to help me with your abilities from now. It looks like you’re the only one in the class with proper camping experience… Could you help me?”

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“Well, well, if you’re saying it by all means I might cooperate.”

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“Thank you!“

As if Ike’s curt response was a pleasant one, Hirata jumped with joy. Neither Shinohara, who seemed to complain the most, didn’t cut in. He started seeking for opinions on food immediately.

“It’s getting dark soon so we can only order for the time being. But please, let me think for a while from tomorrow. It seems there’s various food close to us so I will check that out tomorrow.”

“What do you mean close to us? Is it a different place from where Kushida and others found fruits?”

“Uh-huh, there’s this river. It’s a good place to catch and eat fish. It seemed there’s quite of freshwater fish by checking it only at a glimpse. I think we’ll be able to suppress point expenditure to some point. It would be absolutely delicious to catch a fish and eat it grilled on bonfire.”

“Even if it tastes good, how are you planning to catch a fish?”

“Well, I’ll dive like this? I haven’t done it before.” Ike made a swimming gesture, but it’s probably not easy to catch a fish by doing skin dive.

“Even if it seems unreasonable to catch it with bare hands, capturing a fish is perfectly realistic.”

Said Hirata, pointing at an entry mentioned in the manual. There was a character of fishing rod, and it looked like several kinds are being lent separately as well.

“1 point for fishing rods using baits, 2 points for those with lures.”

That is to say, it didn’t seem surprisingly hard to recover a cost.

Depending on the situation, it could become the most spectacular victory to secure an amount of food for 1 to 2 days with only one point. Even in a situation where we wouldn’t be able to catch any, it’s hardly a serious blow due to minimal expenditure.