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That was the first time Lin Canrong heard that a restaurant had to prepare different styles of cutlery and even tables and chairs. There was enough space to store all of that. The underground parking lot had room for many tables and chairs. However, they had to re-decorate those things after every meal.

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Lin Canrong’s head hurt just by thinking about it.

Pei Qian shook his head and said, “Of course, there is a need!”

“We are a high-end restaurant. Other than good quality ingredients, culinary skills, and great dishes; we must also have a sufficiently good environment.

“Just like the scholars in ancient times. They use different wine glasses to consume different types of wine. There were also many more complicated and cumbersome procedures. However, what they did was not merely for ritual purposes; more suitable cutlery could showcase the wine even better. It could also make the special atmosphere stand out even more!

“The other restaurants only have one type of cuisines; therefore, they could afford to have a single style.

“We, on the other hand, offer all types of cuisines, including western, Chinese, Japanese, and French cuisines. To provide customers the best dining experience, we must definitely prepare various interior design styles. We must give them the best that we could offer from the decorations, dining tables, and cutlery… to a specific atmosphere and dining environment!

“The details determine our success. Do you understand?”

Lin Canrong’s mouth parted slightly. He was completely shocked.

Although that sounded very reasonable, he felt that there was something amiss. The dining environment was indeed important, but was there really a need to change the decorations and cutlery repeatedly?

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Could it be… Boss Pei was not merely expecting them to stick by the rules and do things by ritual? Maybe he was looking for an attitude to pursue perfection?

By creating the perfect dining environment, they could provide customers a better and top-notch dining experience.

Yes. That must be the case!

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Lin Canrong nodded his head violently and replied, “Yes, Boss Pei. I understand!

“I will research the relevant knowledge when I get home and organize systematic training for our attendants. They will then be able to serve all sorts of cuisines—including Chinese, western, and Japanese cuisines—without making a single mistake. We will aim to achieve perfection from the environment and service to the specific ways to enjoy the food!”


Pei Qian was momentarily speechless.