No investment online make money WeChat

No investment online make money WeChat

Thus, many people hesitated.

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However, Boss Li’s judgment was that this was not much. It would definitely increase!

It was because Boss Pei had other plans for this place!

However, Li Shi could not possibly buy all the buildings and shops in the old industrial zone.

Therefore, he mentioned this.

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As for whether his employees would invest, how much money they could fork out, and whether they could persevere until the end, that was not Li Shi’s concern.

Li Shi was in a better mood after leaving the company.

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Three pieces of good news had befallen him recently!

First, Star Bird Fitness introduced the smart fitness drying rack and changed the fitness model. Then, it achieved great success by preemptively purchasing shops near the snack market and rapidly rising in value. Now, there was good news from the cold-faced lady who had been silent for a long time.

They had to thank Boss Pei!

Speaking of which, he had already thanked Star Bird Fitness and the snack market at the dining table, but he had not thanked the Cold-Faced Lady yet.

He should also thank Boss Pei. Otherwise, it would not be good if Boss Pei felt that he had taken advantage of him.

However, he should not make this matter too public. After all, it might be a small matter to Boss Pei.

Li Shi pondered for a long time and finally decided not to make a mountain out of a molehill. He would just send a simple message.

After editing it, he was just about to send it when he stopped.

“Hmm... it doesn’t seem like a perfect time.”