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No matter how many times one gets lured into a swamp and no matter how many times one comes close to dying from it, just by seeing that smile of hers, 'maybe this time' is something they'd end up thinking.

I may be able to convince them here by fabricating an appropriate story. But, I doubt Horikita, who is on guard now, will be accepting the proposal I am about to tell her in the future either.

"Understood. Then I'll be speaking frankly. Is that fine?".

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"Yes. Tell me".

"Do you have any intention of joining the student council?".

No use crying over spilt milk. I don't know how Horikita will take this. I stated my business as it is.

".....I'm sorry, but I'm not keeping up".

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She tilted her head as if to ask why I'm saying this to her.

"Isn't the context deeply lacking? Why did you say that?".

"I wanted to talk more about that as well".

"Very well, continue".

"Umm, is it fine, Horikita-san?".

The one who interrupted me was Kushida.

"Fine? What do you mean by that?".

"It's about the student council, so I think Horikita-san's brother might also be involved in this matter. Is it ok even if I end up hearing this?".

"Ever since middle school, you've known about my brother. What are you saying now after all this time?".

The reason Horikita used her brother as a witness, too, is related to the fact that Kushida is aware of their relationship as siblings. As long as it's not something to hide she'll be using it effectively, is what she means, huh?