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But...... Even so......

“I’m sorry... Father...... Mom, Sadiz...”

“””?? “””

“Rather, I’m still a bit weary. To be honest, I don’t have an appetite. It’s been a long day, so can I take a rest today?”

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This wasn’t a lie. Honestly, I’m not fully healed yet.

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However, it doesn’t mean I can’t eat the meal.

“Are you sure? I see...Well, don’t overdo it, okay?”

“Be careful, won’t you? We can stay for a while, but... are you okay?”

“Little man. Sure. Then, I’ll prepare soup in case you get hungry.”

When I said that, all three of them looked sorry, but they didn’t try to force me to sit at the table with them, and they cared about my condition.

『Are you alright?』

Before answering Tre’ainar’s question, I left the living room and quickly went back to my room.

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Unable to control my restless urge, I immediately closed the door to the room and said to Tre’ainar.

「Tre’ainar... I have a request....」