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“You’re saying she has a good eye for people, right?”

“That’s the reason I said I believed you. After all, you’re pretty apathetic towards others, right?”

I don’t remember showing Kushida that kind of behavior, but she seemed to have confidence in her words.

“It’s not like it’s that strange to say. You showed absolutely no signs of giving your seat up to the old woman, right?”

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I see, that’s what she’s talking about. She noticed us on the bus. And then she realized that we weren’t even thinking of giving up our seats.

“If you believed me, then don’t spread pointless rumors like that.”

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“If you had that much confidence before, you wouldn’t have had the chance to feel my breasts.”

“Thats—I was really confused there. I panicked…”

Her facial expression softened, and changed to one of impatience.

“So, can I think of you as a bitch that would let boys touch your breasts without any hesitation?”

She kicked my thigh with all her strength. In a panic, I took hold of the railing.

“Dangerous! I could’ve gotten injured!”

“That’s because you said something stupid!”

With a flushed face (from anger, not bashfulness), Kushida snapped at me.

“Hey, wait for a bit.”

I gave her a small nod.

Going back up the stairs, Kushida quickly got her bag and came back. She had a wide grin on her face.