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“Huh? Ah, yes, I do like them…”

I tilted my head as I pondered, and Tendo-san began explaining in detail.

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“Our Gamers Club won’t advertise publicly, and in place, the members have to recruit those who loves gaming. To be honest, the efficiency is bad, and we would most likely miss out on people who truly like games. However, it won’t be worth it if the Club fails because weird people joined in. I think this is a good way of laying a solid foundation.”

“Oh… I see…”

Simply put, this was like a shop that prioritized to serve the customers? The efficiency might be sacrificed, but it gave more importance to other matters.

Hmm? But this means… I really...

“Ah, it’s already so late! My curfew…!”

She had probably set a vibrating alarm on her phone, Tendo-san looked flustered when she took it out from her pocket.

At this day and age, a girl like her still had curfews huh── While I was feeling impressed, she waved at me and said: “Excuse me!” then picked up her bag from the bench swiftly.

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“That’s it for today! Tomorrow! Make some time for me after school tomorrow! I will tell you the details… I will find you after class is over! Bye, Amano-kun!”

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“Huh? Ah, alright, eh, b-bye…”

I stood up from the chair hurriedly, and despite a slight hesitation in my heart, I still waved my hand shyly… Even though Tendo-san wasn’t looking at me, I continued waving my hand… I only slumped back onto the bench when I could no longer see her figure anymore.

And after I spaced out for a while… I looked up to the sky and muttered:

“So that means… I… was chosen by her?”

It had nothing to do with romance though. But even so… What was just a delusion suddenly felt very real, there was no doubt about that.

“Gamers Club… Gamers Club huh… Fu, fufu…”