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"At last it's an opportunity for you to make contact with him, huh?".

"......don't talk about that here".

Just by lightly touching on that, she got angry. Apparently, I made a verbal slip and Horikita glares at me. The sharp pencil glinting at the tip she's gripping in her hands is ominous so I'd like her to stop it.

"First of all, look over the outcomes that can come of the sports festival. I don't feel like explaining many times over so make sure to listen up well this once".

Chabashira-sensei taps the printout while explaining the vital checkpoints.

Lending my ears to her, I simultaneously dropped my gaze down to the printout. What was written there is as follows.

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(Rules and Groupings of the Sports Festival)

The sports festival's competitive system is built upon dividing all school years between the Red Team and the White Team.

The classification will be Class A and Class D in the Red Team. The White Team will consist of Class B and Class C.

? Allocation of points for all participants in the competitions (Individual Contests)

Depending on the results 1st place 15 points, 2nd place 12 points, 3rd place 10 points, 4th place 8 points will be allocated.

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1 point each will be deducted for placing lower than 5th place. In the case of team competitions the winning team will be allocated 500 points.

? Allocation of points for participants of recommended competitions

Depending on the results 1st place 50 points, 2nd place 30 points, 3rd place 15 points, 4th place 10 points will be allocated.

2 points each will be deducted for placing lower than 5th place (The relay which will be the final contest will be awarding 3 times the points)

? The impact of the outcome of Red Team vs. White Team