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There was something off about her naming sense. But since she seemed happy about receiving the stuffed animal, I decided not to hamper it and held my tongue.

After that, we went around the academy and enjoyed various activities. By the time we noticed, it was already 5pm, which was the closing time of the Thousand Blade Festival.

The public visitors were already returning home, and the rest of the students were starting to clean up. I took down the decorations in the classroom while chatting with my classmates.

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「The hot dog at Year 3 was really good… Damn, I should have eaten another one after all.」

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「Did you try the choco banana at Year 2? That was exquisite!」

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「The haunted house was super scary, wasn’t it? I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand anymore…」

Cleaning up while talking about all the memories we made today was quite fun.

I even felt a little lonely at the thought of the festival ending so soon.

After about an hour passed, the in-house broadcast rang when we were all gathered in Year 1 Class A as usual.

「This is Director Leia Lasnode. Students, you’ve all worked really hard today! I also had the time to visit the various activities, and all of them were wonderful! The evaluations from the visitor’s questionnaire was quite high, so this year’s Thousand Blade Festival can be considered a great success! With this, I close the curtain on the Thousand Blade Festival! Now then, it’s the opening of the long awaited “Thousand Blade Shadow Festival”! The night is still young!」

The moment Leia-sensei announced that,


The screams of the second and third-year seniors could be heard from the upper floors

「Thousand Blade Shadow Festival?」

「What the hell is that? I didn’t hear about that…」

As the class buzzed, I remembered something that was said to me a while ago.

(I see…『The Real Thousand Blade Festival』that Jean-san mentioned was about this…)

It seems that the festival is not over yet.

No, the real festival seems to start from now on.