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After coming, everyone realized that the situation was more serious than that. Yan Qi was not joking. He really thought so and even moved the testing team over!

Thus, everyone began to worry about Yan Qi’s mental state.

Now, everyone realized that the severity of the situation had completely exceeded their understanding.

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That was because what Yan Qi said was actually true!

Many people still found it hard to accept this fact. After closing the game process, they calmed down for a few minutes and opened the game again.

In the end, he still met a bunch of bugs. What’s more, they did not overlap with the previous bugs!

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Everyone could not help but look at each other, feeling like their worldview had been overturned.

“There really is a place with good feng shui?”

“The chances of bugs that did not appear previously are obviously higher here!”

“I’ll call the person-in-charge of the test in our company and ask him to bring two tests here for testing!”

“I’m going to look for the building management and see if there are other work desks…”

“Wait a minute, don’t be anxious, everyone. I think that with the spirit of scientific, rigorous, and serious testing, we should try the other floors first and look for the floor with the best effect of this building. If there is a floor with better effect than this one, wouldn’t it be better for us to rent that floor directly?”