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The sensation of her lips, my first kiss, was far softer than I had imagined.


A muddled noise leaked out from her mouth, her mind still processing what had happened.

In truth, I’d have liked to enjoy the moment for a while longer, but we were currently in the midst of a special exam on an uninhabited island.

It wouldn’t be surprising if somebody were to pass by while we were sitting here.

“Wa? Huh? I, J-just now… a k-kiss? …Eh? Eh!?”

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“Have faith in me and wait for now, okay?”

At this, Kei absentmindedly nodded her head like a mechanical doll.

If she was distraught about the fact that I was traveling together with Nanase, then the fastest way to get around it was to give her something more intense to think about instead.

“The others may start to suspect something if we’re gone too long. You should head back.”

With that, I decided to have Kei, who was still in a daze, head back to the campsite.

It was just before 5:00 AM, around the time when the morning sun began to rise into the sky.

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While most students would probably still be asleep, I woke up to a strange sound coming from outside my tent.

It was a sound so subtle, so indistinct that, for a moment, I thought I might just be hearing things.

I poked my head out of my tent to investigate further. And, although it was faint, I could definitely still hear it.

A few seconds later, Nanase peeked her head out of her tent as well, having apparently been woken up by the sound, just as I had.