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「W-What is this!?」

Looking around the surroundings – the mysterious red light shone even at the end of the horizon.

It seems that this magic circle was spread throughout Dagrio.

「R-Rain! What the hell did you do!?」

「Fuu… I released all the spiritual power that I amassed in this land since the day I took control of Dagrio several years ago.」he said, with a refreshed look on his face.


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Spiritual power amassed by one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle throughout the span of several years – to release all that at once, a great destruction on the scale of a『natural disaster』will occur.

「Soon this whole area will be an empty land. Allen, Fafnir’s host, and all the senior Holy Knights lying there will die. And this matter, will come to an end with that.」

「D-Don’t do something stupid! If you do that, even you wouldn’t be able to escape…!」

「No problem. After all, that is all my spiritual power. It’s going to do some damage, but… I’m not going to die.」

Rain continued to speak quietly.

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「Allen, you were too strong… It’s frustrating, but I’m not strong enough to beat you.」