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In Class A, if only Nagumo was within the safe range, then the meritocracy wouldn’t be supported by his own classmates.

All classes should be treated fairly, whether it was Class A or Class D.

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“Although I don’t know what he intends to do, it’s a decision that requires courage.”

“That bastard is bored with what it takes to win as it is now. That’s probably the reason for all this. Joining the student council was probably just to kill some time.”

Noone would have the right to express any dissatisfaction towards him and his ability which was the foundation for him gaining support.

“A class is a community with a shared destiny. I don’t think this system should be broken.”

“So you don’t agree with Nagumo’s approach.”

Although he did not nod in response, the elder Horikita accepted what I said just like that.

Although I understood what he wanted to say, neither side could be considered correct. However…

“I plan to observe what Nagumo wants to do. If he really plans to change the entire grade, no, the entire school into a meritocracy, I’ll have to witness it first before making any judgements.”

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I decided to tell him about my future plans without hiding it.

“So that’s it, huh. You’re advancing to a higher level than me.”