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I like it. Sigh, what’s wrong with me loving Village Vanguard! Isn’t it great!

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“Ay, I do appreciate Village Vanguard. It got a nice style.”

“Can I ask what do you want from me!”

“No, it’s just that you’re pissing me off no matter what you do.”

“Are you going through your rebellious period or what!”

“Ah, …sorry. Actually, what were you thinking? Is the exam coming soon?”

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“Uh, …no. It’s not about that…”

“Then what? Are you thinking about fighting games?”

“N-No, how should I put it…I’m troubled by l-love…”

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Nina-senpai is despising me with a cold stare. I can’t help but yell!

“I’ve expected this reaction already! Yes, you’re correct! A guy walking to school in the morning because he’s troubled by love is terrible, right!”

“…Fake Umehara, it’s like you’re in those romantic reality show like Terrace House: Boys x Girls Next Door…” [Note: Terrace House: Boys x Girls Next Door, the first installment of Terrace House, a Japanese reality show.]

“I’ve been watching that! What’s wrong!”

“Ay, I even watched the movie version.”

“You watched that as well!”