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He Desheng’s task during those shareholder meetings had been very simple: he had to discuss the shares transaction with Xude Education’s representative.

The other shareholders were beginning to sell their shares as well. The company that Xude Education had set up for ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ was holding more and more shares as time passed.

An investor who had poured three million yuan into the project at first had sold all of his shares for eight million yuan at one shot. That was more than a hundred percent profit!

At the moment, the estimated value of ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ was close to forty million yuan. As the other investors sold their shares, Xude Education naturally tried to haggle for a lower price. Yet, even so, each of those investors ended up making a significant profit.

He Desheng could tell that Xude Education seemed to have been cheated by that group of sly, old foxes.

Of course, he could not go so far as to say they had been ‘cheated’. After all, Xude Education did want the application.

As a wealthy educational organization, Xude Education had always hoped to come up with an application that could expand its influence. Thus, acquiring the application was akin to gold-plating their reputation.

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Boss Li and the other investors wanted to make money, and Xude Education wanted to gold-plate its reputation. Each was a willing party, and there was nothing that He Desheng could complain about.

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Of course, He Desheng would not expose the investors either. That was because he knew that everyone intended to cash out of the project from the very beginning.

Now, Boss Li and the others had already planned their exit route. Naturally, He Desheng would follow suit. There was no reason for him to interfere with anything else.

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To obtain absolute control over this project, Xude Education had a strong desire to acquire all the shares. In particular, it wanted to acquire the shares that He Desheng held.

It was then that He Desheng realized why Boss Pei emphasized on selling the shares bit by bit.

Obviously, he wanted to maximize profit!

As ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ became more popular and Xude Education’s shareholding increased, the price of the last bulk of shares would keep increasing.

After making a few transactions, He Desheng now had the minimum amount of shares that Boss Pei had asked him to keep... about twenty percent.

To obtain more control over the company and reach a 67%!s(MISSING)hareholding, Xude Education had willingly forked out a huge sum of money for the last bit of shares that He Desheng had sold to them.

Given that the project’s estimated value was now at forty million yuan, He Desheng had sold his shares for an estimated sum of fifteen million yuan. Deducting the initial investment of two million yuan, he had reaped a pure profit of over ten million yuan from this project alone. What’s more, he still had twenty percent of shares in the company.

Now, He Desheng was conflicted about whether he should sell the last twenty percent.