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“I’m not sure. However, if five guys and girls plan to enjoy Christmas, we should at least expect that some of us aren’t going to survive!”

“Why! Amanocchi, your ‘normies = go to hell’ opinion is way too strong! It’s going to be fine! We shouldn’t trigger a deadly plot when we’re just having fun at Christmas!”

“Really? Even if you’re fine with that, …I think we still need to decide on the theme of the games if we want to have fun.”

“Uh, like I’ve said before, I’m good with anything. …Why don’t we just play poker?”

“Really, we’re playing poker. I see. So, we’re going with that kind of plot, right? Next to Uehara-kun’s headless body in the kitchen, a black spade K is discovered…”

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“There’s no plot like that! Why must someone die in the end! Also, why are you started counting with my ex-boyfriend first! Do you really want all the normies to die, Amanocchi!”

“Nope. This is just a reasonable and logical development…”

“Amanocchi, you’re banned from calling yourself as a lonely passerby again! With that kind of mindset, you’re absolutely not an ordinary person!”

“T-That’s quite embarrassing.”

“Why! Sigh, whatever! Anyway, everyone should be alive if we’re playing games!”

“Really, we’re going for an optimistic discussion, right.”

“What I’ve said was completely normal! How negative must you be, Amanocchi!”

“Gamers have to be ready for the ‘worst outcome’ at all times, Aguri-san.”

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“Hey, please don’t drag all gamers in the world down with you. You’re saying that like all of them agree that ‘there’s a high chance of death whenever we play with normies,’ alright! That’s definitely not the case!”