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(Will he silence people from talking about it, or set up another bride? …I don’t know what kind of method he’s going to employ, but…)

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The unfavourable fact that『the bride was taken away』would be erased by all means.

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And in the unlikely event that we fail, the wedding will be carried on without any problem, and they will pretend like the attack never happened.

As a result, the friendly relationship on the surface between the Empire and the Ringard will not be affected.

In either case, it does not cause trouble to the country.

「But… How on earth are you going to sneak into the Empire? You can’t travel through land or air, and you don’t know where Dodriel created the『spot』, right?」Ria pointed out sharply.

「Well, that’s…」

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As she said, the travelling method is a big problem.

(If I remember correctly, Rodis-san had pinned down a direct spot to the Empire. If I could go with him, that would be the most reliable method, but…).

Rodis-san called it the『problem of House Arcstria.』

Even if we offer to cooperate again, we will only get rejected.

(Damn, isn’t there any other way…)

And when I was worrying about that,

「Oh right! Better yet, why don’t we go to the『Bloody Fox』? Even Rodis-san learned about the location of the spot from Rize Dorahain!」

Lilim-senpai came up with a good idea, while clapping her hands.

However, Ria, Rose, and Ferris-senpai, shook their head sideways on the spot.

「…Senpai, you’d better give up on that.」

「Ria is right. Nothing good ever comes out of getting involved with that woman.」

「In the first place, you need to make an appointment a few months beforehand to meet the Bloody Fox.」