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Satou said that.

"Ehh, really?".

Karuizawa, who said that she and Hirata would be enjoying themselves so don't mind them, for some reason once again joined in the conversation with Satou. It seems she's been properly listening in on our conversation.

"Yep, on top of that it looked like it was someone's pet dog. It was really cute---".

"Since students can't buy pets it probably belonged to an adult, I suppose. One of the employees or a teacher".

Since it couldn't have possibly wandered onto the campus on its own, Hirata said that. Indeed, if you think about it, he has a point.

"A pet sounds great. It'd be the best thing ever if we could keep one in the dorms".

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"I agree too. It'd be great if we had a pet shop here---".

"More like why can't we have one in the first place?".

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"Yeah, that's true---. Even though they're selling various stuff here, not including pets is somehow unacceptable right?".

The two girls showed excitement in talking about pets, while the two boys were left hanging.

Indeed pets are healing, but keeping one in the dorms would cause several problems to arise. If the premise is to let one person buy one pet each, there's the possibility that hundreds of animals would be kept in the dorms. And in leaving them for half a day when going to school, numerous problems would arise in all those rooms. Inevitably, one cannot help but accept the fact that pets cannot be kept but it doesn't seem as though it would lead to that idea. Logical reasons, such things wouldn't even enter their minds. Cute or uncute. Whether or not they want to keep it, that is the only conclusion their conversation led to.

".......what a trifling thought".