The girl knows the girl said to take me to make money.

The girl knows the girl said to take me to make money.

Although Xue Zhebin was also a rich second-generation heir, he was different from other rich second-generation heirs. His family was especially rich.

Sun Strike Studios was one of the top games studios in the country. Although it was not as famous as Tengda, it also made a lot of money.

What was this?

They were formidable rivals!

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They were on a completely different level from the bosses and investors behind the previous clubs. How could they compare?

These people all felt that the GPL was promising, which meant that it was definitely profitable. Once they appeared on the scene, more capital would surely follow.

Therefore, all the companies that had been paying attention to Tengda immediately expressed their desire to bid.

They did not care about the public opinion at all.

Public opinion could be influenced and induced. What’s more, how would ordinary netizens know the inside story? They were all just there to watch the show.

The ones who really decided how these companies would choose were the leading companies!

Pei Qian was instantly discouraged.

He was done for!

All those companies wanted to buy GOG’s branches and join the GPL league. However, there were only six clubs prepared to sell GOG’s branches. Didn’t that mean that they had found third parties to buy all the teams on hand?

In other words, Tengda would not have to back the teams up or pay the penalty.