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“A treasured memory? Even though…I gave you such a terrible answer?”

“Yes. Even though you rejected me, …ahh, that’s indeed a great night. I still remember it from time to time nowadays….”

…Chiaki doesn’t look like she’s forcing herself or trying to be considerate to me. This is real. She’s sincerely thinking that. After a while, Chiaki kept that smile as she continued.

“Although I was always perplexed by it, I guess I slightly understand the reason today.”

“…What is it?”

“I’m not telling you.”


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I was left at a cliffhanger at this point. Just as I’m giving her an unsatisfied look, Chiaki put her tongue out and told me.

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“Keita, I think you should worry about ‘Chiaki Hoshinomori’ a bit more.”

“I do. Sometimes, I’ll think about what’s the best way to prepare a seaweed broth.”

“Yep. Instead of minding the guilt of you rejecting me, you should first apologize for every mean thing you said.”

“Hey, here comes the bus, dried goods.”

“Your sincerity towards girls is actually pretty biased! Am I right!”

Chiaki complained as she stood up from the bench helplessly. We waited for the bus to arrive together.

I followed and stood next to her as I stared at the sky once again. …I scratched my head and mumbled to myself quietly.