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Now that my senses have been sharpened, I knew what was going on, but I allowed it with an open mind.

Then she yawned once, rubbing her sleepy eyes, and looked at me with her eyes fluttering...

“Ah... u... ah.”

Suddenly embarrassed, her face blushed red as she opened both eyes.

“Oh, what’s wrong~? Hmm~? Hmm~? Hmm~?”

“Uh, ah, ugh...”

“Why did you sneak into my bed~? Hey, Amae. Oh?”

She turned her head to the side with her lips pouting as she poked and prodded with her left and right index fingers.

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Anyway, I guess she was lonely or something like that, but it’s interesting, so let’s tease her some more.

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“This isn’t your room, is it? Hey~, Amae.”

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“U~...... b, by mistake...”

“You can’t make a mistake, can you~? Your room is in a completely different area from here, isn’t it~?”

“Uh... u~...... because...”