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“And at the same age...... that was seen by a girl of the same age.... for the first time since I took a bath with the princess....”

『Oi, do not be depressed forever... rather, you, even though you were a child, with that princess...』

Damn. The mental damage is severe.

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I can’t look Shinobu in the face for a while.

And also, this Exchange Diary....

“I just wrote a reply, but I didn’t think it would be returned anymore... I mean, didn’t she go home with her brother and friends? No way, does she want to keep this exchange of diaries going?”

Or rather, you’re following me...?

It’s getting a little colder, but when I casually turned over the diary, and on a new page....


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On the left and right pages of the notebook, the words were written in large letters.

It was scary, so I closed it immediately.

“Oh, why are you asking about Sadiz...?”

『I suppose she heard you speak of that maid in your drunken stupor.』

“Come on, seriously... aah, scary...”