Is it true that online doing a project make money?

Is it true that online doing a project make money?

What a beautiful scene!

After that, Pei Qian went to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s market area, which was also the sales area.

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This was also the layout that had been finalized when Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 1.0 was first planned. The sales area was not big. There were only four or five shelves, and most of them sold external products related to games such as mouse, keyboard, and controller.

After Fish-Catching Internet Cafe developed the ROF Computer-Installation business, there were also some products such as graphics cards, internal storage, or ROF Computer-Installation being sold and displayed.

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As far as Pei Qian knew, this place was selling very well!

That was because Zhang Yuan had been in charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe previously. The employees were also very knowledgeable about computers. The keyboards, mouse, and earphones that they chose were all classic models from first-tier well-known brands. They were definitely very useful.

The gamers walked around the internet cafe and felt that it was very useful. They immediately paid for it. Even though it was more expensive than online sales, most of the customers who came to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe did not care about the difference in price.

After Fish-Catching Internet Cafe became popular, there was a lot of traffic. That became a huge source of income for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe!

Pei Qian said, “Clear out all the third-party products here, including keyboards, mouse, earphones, and so on. They won’t be sold in the future! We will only be selling Tengda’s own products.”

“Of course, we have to keep the original recommendation function. The staff can still recommend keyboards, mouse, and other external settings for customers. However, after the recommendation, they can get customers to place orders online. We won’t earn this mark-up.”

That way, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would have one less source of income.

There were relatively few Tengda’s current products even though it might generate profits after changing into Tengda’s products. There were not many products in this place. Compared to the previous products, it could be said to have been greatly reduced. Sales would definitely be greatly reduced.