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I was an easy target, wide open. And usually, there was probably no way that someone would be able to dodge from my position.

But, despite my movements being limited by her stranglehold on my collar, I deftly avoided the punch as it came barreling straight at my face.

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Another punch was sent flying toward me immediately afterward, yet I dodged it just the same as the first.

“Why!? Why can’t『I』land a hit!?!? Why is this happening!?!?”

A third, fourth, and fifth punch came flying, but try as she might, every attempt ended up with the same result.

Fed up with the fact that her punches weren’t landing, she forcefully reached out to try and grab me by the hair.

She probably thought that, if she could prevent me from moving my head, she’d finally be able to hit me.

I seized her by the wrist just as it came close enough.

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“L-let go!”

“Even if I let go, nothing would change.”

“Let go of『me』!!!”

She forcefully tore her hand away before repeating the entire meaningless cycle all over again.

Her fist came flying at me, only to once again punch through the open air. At this point, I’d already lost track of how many times we had gone through this.

“Haa! Haa! Haaaa…!”