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“You get it, don’tcha? We’ve got the means to intentionally tank our scores on the exams.”

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Upon hearing his words, Horikita bit down on her lip a little.

“Huh? The hell are you sayin’, you first-year bastard! Cuttin’ corners on the exam’ll get you thrown outta school!”

“Stop it, Sudō-kun. Losing your temper all of a sudden like this is a bad habit of yours.”


I could understand why Hōsen’s excessively aggressive way of speaking made Sudō want to lose his temper.

However, what Hōsen was saying wasn’t untrue.

“Sure, the rules say you’ll get expelled if you get caught throwing the exam. But the penalty that comes with not findin’ a partner by exam day is different. That’s only a problem for you second-years, yeah?”

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If you ran out of time, a random partner would be chosen for you.

Furthermore, you’d receive a 5%!p(MISSING)enalty on your total overall score.

Since the second-year students had to face the danger of expulsion, they’d feel the effects of this penalty more than the first-years.

“I-is that really true!?”