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Therefore, he could not afford to make any mistake!

November 29th, Tuesday afternoon...

In Beijing, Cold-Faced Lady’s first shop.

Li Shi and Xue Zhebin could already see the long line in front of the store from afar.

Xue Zhebin could not help but feel shocked. “There are so many people queuing? Just for roasted cold noodles? Moreover, it’s a Tuesday.”

Li Shi did not comment. “It might be because it’s almost lunch time, or it might be because the marketing is very successful. The people nearby want to have something fresh to eat. Let’s go.”

Xue Zhebin said, “Should we call Meng Chang directly?”

Li Shi shook his head. “There’s no need. We can only discover the details if we observe them in secret. The details determine success or failure.”

Xue Zhebin nodded and stood at the end of the line with Li Shi, just like two ordinary passers-by.

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Li Shi and Xue Zhebin had just finished their work at GOG Club. They rushed to the capital without stopping to check on the Cold-Faced Lady.

While many of Meng Chang’s characteristics looked like liars, as Li Shi had said, there was a difference between genius projects and fraud projects. What’s more, it was not impossible to invest in fraud projects.

No matter what, given the current momentum, the cold-faced lady was a project worth investing in and further investigation.

The queue was quite long. However, perhaps because the cold-faced lady was mainly fast food and the roasted cold noodles could be mass-produced quickly, so even though most customers came to eat cold noodles, the queue moved very quickly.

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Xue Zhebin noticed that some customers would choose to take the food away. Some customers would choose to eat in the hall, and some delivery men were waiting to take the food.

All of these were no different from those popular fast food restaurants, proving that the Cold-Faced Lady was indeed as popular as the internet said.

After queuing for about ten minutes, the two finally ordered their food and sat down in the restaurant.