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It’s doesn’t seem particularly bad… but if Aguri had to say something, then it feels like their fate is fatally bad?

Aguri stopped spinning her pen and started to draw circles and arrows to create a relationship diagram.

“(Amano-chi likes Tendo-san… or rather, admires Tendo-san. Aguri likes Tasuku. No, love. It’d be great if that could be confirmed right now, but…)”

Aguri can’t move her pen anymore. …Even though there are lines drawn from Tendo-san and Tasuku to Amano-chi and Aguri, Aguri can’t confirm their feelings. Furthermore, with the addition of Hoshinomori Chiaki, things are even more complicated.

“(Amano-chi hates that girl… is what Aguri would like to say, but those two clearly get along well. Yea. Well, it’ll be fine to just write my guesses too.)”

This time, Aguri included all the unconfirmed information too.

“(Tendo-san feels… well… normal? Towards Amano-chi. It doesn’t look like she hates him. And then, Amano-chi and Aguri are comrades. Then, Tasuku’s feelings towards Tendo-san is… love, it seems like.)”

After drawing a line from Tasuku to Tendo-san, Aguri wrote “Love?”. …The tip of my pen is shaking. …Uu, don’t cry, Aguri! Don’t cry! Aguri is strong!

“(Well then, the problem is this girl…)”

Hoshinomori Chiaki. She’s honestly harder to read than Tendo-san. Aguri doesn’t know much about her. Well, if Aguri were to write what she does know…

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“(Clearly she has feelings… towards Tasuku, right?)”

Again, Aguri drew a line from Hoshinomori Chiaki to Tasuku and wrote, “Love?”. …Well, Tasuku is the coolest person on the planet, so it can’t be helped that he’s so popular. It’s not a shock. It’s completely not a shock.

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The problem is, what does Tasuku think of her…

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“(Hoshinomori Chiaki… even Amano-chi says that she’s a quiet, boring otaku girl…)”

For some reason, it seems like Amano-chi tends to underestimate girls, so his words were untrustworthy. Honestly, she’s super cute. However…

“(But Tasuku’s type was… a cheerful, light-hearted girl, right?)”

At least Aguri thought that was the case, so that’s why Aguri is the Aguri now.