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“On the other hand, it encourages the various departments to explain the Tengda spirit based on the department’s situation and characteristics!”

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“Different departments have their own focus. Gaming department, movie department, technology department, physical industry... Every department has to use the Tengda spirit to guide their work, but each department also needs a different Tengda spirit.”

“Therefore, Boss Pei probably hopes that all departments can understand the Tengda spirit based on the situation and practical needs of their respective departments.”

“As for why the person-in-charge of the various departments did not need to understand his orders, and only needed to execute it?”

“I think it’s because everyone would understand this sooner or later during the execution process. Boss Pei’s body told everyone that the Tengda spirit does not rely on drilling into our employees, but on one’s own comprehension.”

“It would only have a deep impression and build confidence when it is something that you have comprehended yourself!”

Hao Yun suddenly understood. “I see.”

“Boss Pei felt that the Tengda spirit that he advocated was becoming rigid and utilitarian. That’s why he decided to reorganize his thinking. It’s not that he doesn’t want to spirit building, but that he wants it to be built in a healthier and more subtle way!”

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“Then... what should we do?”

Wu Bin did not hesitate. “Of course, we have to follow Boss Pei’s instructions!”

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“To be specific, I think there are a few points.”

“First of all, don’t spread the Tengda spirit’s handbook and the specific interpretation of the Tengda spirit anymore. Don’t give those taking the Tengda spirit test any more hints, especially those who find it difficult to pass it. Just let them be eliminated. If they can’t understand the Tengda spirit under the influence of such a working environment, it means that their comprehension is not good enough. Their thinking is rigid and they should be eliminated.”

“The Tengda spirit manual cannot be given to anyone who does not have a deep understanding of the Tengda spirit because that might stop him from exploring and thinking about the Tengda spirit.”

“Only those who have a deep understanding of the Tengda spirit and are completely self-consistent would be able to obtain the Tengda spirit manual. They would be able to see new perspectives and new thoughts without affecting their original understanding.”

“That way, the passing rate of the Tengda Spirit compatibility test would definitely be lower. However, that should be what Boss Pei wants.”