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He clearly showed off the difference in power that couldn’t be matched.

「You three have great materials and yet – you don’t understand anything」

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His gaze was directed at the clothes of the three.

「Those clothes – such a stupid design based on the premise that you will be seen… Oh, how deplorable… We will decide it here.」

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He slowly started talking.

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「『Being seen by people is what I want』, that by itself is not what I’m condemning. It is the taste of gentlemen and ladies who care about their appearance, and those are quite fine. -But! If you lose too much『shame』and normalize being seen…… That will be the end of it all.」

There was a hint of sadness on the face of No.18, as he quietly shook his head.

「You, who get drunk on being seen, who choose to『show』… to put it simply,『unnatural』!」

And then he brought his argument to the conclusion.

「『Natural』- is a woman who doesn’t notice being peeked at, her natural expression, her minor habits, and the extreme embarrassment at the moment when the peep is discovered! When all these come together in perfect harmony – a beauty is born!」

No.18 looked at the clothes of the three women once at the end.

The emphasized chest, the skirt which can easily flip up, and the stomach exposed without hesitation.

Everything goes against his『aesthetics』.

「You who choose to show and have lost your shame – are not even worth peeping.」

Speaking cheerfully about his『aesthetics』, he contacted his master, Leia, and reported the incident in detail.

After successfully delivering the wheat to the Rocky Store, I headed to the clock tower of the meeting place.

Rose stood absent-mindedly there.

She also noticed me, and raised her right hand slightly.

「Allen, over here,」