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It would be unnatural to call the boss of Star Bird Fitness directly and say that he wanted to invest.

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That was because all the bosses in Jingzhou knew that Dream Realization Ventures’ money was the best but also the worst.

They said that Dream Realization Ventures had the lowest threshold. They would invest in projects that were passable. Then, they would send the finance department and follow the process. They were unlike other investment firms who had to think of ways to persuade investors to show their potential.

It was not easy to get it, but there were too many companies that wanted to be invested into by Dream Realization Ventures. There was a long queue, and he did not know when it would be his turn to follow Dream Realization Ventures’ process.

It was obviously not normal for Dream Realization Ventures to take the initiative to talk about investing.

Naturally, it did not meet Boss Pei’s ‘natural’ requirements.

However, He Desheng had a way.

He looked through the investment proposal that Dream Realization Ventures had received in the past few months and found the investment proposal for Star Bird Fitness.

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Obviously, the boss of Star Bird Fitness, Che Rong, had sought Dream Realization Ventures’ investment a long time ago. However, he had waited in line for too long and could no longer wait.

He Desheng took a look. According to the normal queue process, it would take another three or four months to get Star Bird Fitness.

That was even though Star Bird Fitness was a local company in Jingzhou. It had submitted its investment proposal earlier and had higher priority in Dream Realization Ventures.

However, the specific investment schedule of Dream Realization Ventures would never be announced to the public.

No one knew when or which company it was.